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Hair care

Hair care

KÖNNER PROFESSIONELLE HAARPFLEGE is a professional series of complex haircare developed in Germany. These products are thoroughly designed systems of care for various hair types that ensure a desirable professional salon effect. These hair products resolve a wide range of problems connected to trichology by: halting and preventing hair loss, fighting against hair thinning and breakage, total elimination of structural hair damage, maintaining shades of color-treated hair bright and fresh as long as possible, and ultimately, making hair healthy, strong and beautiful again.

Each product is suitable for personal use, by private beauty masters, as well as for use by professionals (beauty salons, specialized centers, etc.).

Anti-Hair Loss Concentrate "TRICHO EXPERT" for Thinning Hair, 150 ml
Anti-Hair Loss Concentrate formula infused with Procapil, Biotin, Vitamin complex and Caffeine effectively improves the condition of thinning hair and stimulates hair growth.Promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and strengthens follicles Helps visibly increase hair thickness while gently nurturing the scalpFights against thin, flat and weakened hair strandsHow to use: apply evenly to the s..
Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo "TRICHO EXPERT" for Thinning Hair, 250 ml
The professional formula of the fortifying anti-hair loss shampoo with Procapil and Biotin is highly effective to fight and prevent hair loss.Gently cleanses the hair and the scalp without causing dryness, oiliness or irritationFortifies follicles of each hair strand Increases blood flow to the scalp to prevent thinningSafe for daily useHow to use: apply to the damp hair, gently massage into ..
Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for Men "TRICHO EXPERT" Еnhanced Formula for Thinning Hair, 250 ml
The anti-hair loss shampoo was designed specifically for men with signs of androgenetic alopecia. Infused with Procapil and Caffeine, the shampoo works in several directions, fighting and preventing hair shedding.Gently cleanses the hair removing daily accumulated dirt and excess sebumHelps reduce breakage and hair lossAffects hair follicles, stimulating hair growthImproves scalp health, preventin..
Growth Stimulating Concentrated Hair Mask with Thermo Effect "TRICHO EXPERT" for Thinning Hair, 250 ml
The highly concentrated formula of the growth-stimulating hair mask with thermo-effect infused with Procapil, Biotin, Vitamin complex and Caffeine provides intensive professional hair loss treatment.Produces a thermo-effect to intensify microcirculation and enhance the effect produced by the active agentsHelps prevent, halt and reverse hair lossImproves scalp circulation, promotes hair follicle re..
Leave-in Miracle Spray-Mask "RESCUE EXPERT" for All Hair Types, 250 ml
Intensive leave-in miracle spray-mask with Keratin, Collagen and Argan oil is a multi-tasking express care to keep the hair strong, shiny and healthy. Completely restores the damaged hair, prevents split ends, reduces hair breakageProvides nutrition and hydration for weakened hair, promotes hair follicle recoveryImproves ease of combing and styling, reduces frizzy hair without weighing it dow..
Purple Toning Hair Mask "BLONDE EXPERT" for Blonde and Silver Hair, 250 ml
The professional purple toning hair mask infused with Silk Peptides and Pro-Violet Complex makes blonde and silver shades more natural, deep and long-lasting without yellow undertones. Corrects brassiness and prevents color fadingTotally repairs and revitalizes hair strandsEffectively reduces high porosity hairIncreases hair elasticityMakes the hair extremely smooth and shinyMakes combing and..
Purple Toning Shampoo "BLONDE EXPERT" for Blonde and Silver Hair, 250 ml
The professional purple toning shampoo was designed specifically to care for cold blonde shades. Infused with Silk Peptides and Pro-Violet Complex, the shampoo makes blonde shades natural, deep and long-lasting. Deeply cleanses the hair, protecting its colorImmediately illuminates the hair of blonde and silver shadesСorrects brassiness and yellow undertones, while brightening natural blond sh..
Root Lifting Spray "VOLUME EXPERT" for Fine Hair, 250 ml
Root lifting spray featuring professional Extra-Lift Complex provides a visible volume for thin hair.Provides an extra lift right at the hair rootsGives natural hair flexibilityIncreases hair shine and softnessHow to use: apply the spray to the damp root hair zone. Then dry your hair, tilting your head down or straightening your locks with a round brush. Do not rinse off. For best professional sal..
Ultra-Repairing Hair Filler "RESCUE EXPERT" for Extremely Damaged Hair, 250 ml
Ultra-repairing hair filler powered by Keratin, Collagen and Argan oil is a professionally designed express haircare that gives your hair a second life. Penetrates deep inside the hair shafts and restores damaged areasInstantly smooths out and seals up cuticle flakesCreates weightless protective layer, prevents hair fragility and split endsPromotes hair shine, while making it silky, smooth an..
Ultra-Repairing Hair Mask "RESCUE EXPERT" for Extremely Damaged Hair, 250 ml
Professional ultra-repairing formula with Keratin, Collagen and Argan oil ensures complete restoration and revival of even the most extremely damaged hair.Penetrates deep inside the hair shaftReconstructs fragile hair strandsSignificantly reduces hair breakageNourishes and moisturizes, making it perfectly smooth How to use: distribute the mask evenly throughout the clean, damp hair, leave on ..